The time is now.We must divest from the war machine.


In 2016, the U.S. spent $741.3 billion on foreign and domestic militarism.


That’s 64% of the federal discretionary budget.

$304 billion

$304 billion went directly to corporations.

43 million

The number of people in the U.S. living in poverty or who qualify as low-income, whose needs could and should be met by the money spent on weapons.

We have the power to cut our ties to war

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The War Machine is also in our streets

Since the 1990s, over 5 billion dollars worth of military grade weapons and equipment have been transferred to local police forces. The militarization of police results in the disproportionate targeting of communities of color, and perpetuates a culture of violence, aggression, fear, and hostility.



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Now is the time Divest From The War Machine

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