Divest from War, Reinvest in CODEPINK Approved Banks

CODEPINK Approved Banks: 
These banks are not invested in companies found on our Divest List:

Find Banks for Specific needs:
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For Investing/Investors: 
Equity Investors - Developed Markets 
Equity Investors - Emerging Markets

Steps for Changing Banks: 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid! Divest from your bank and reinvest! 
    Check out the banks and financial institutions we listed above. Click through some of the links posted to find your match.
  2. Open an Account at Your New Financial Institution
    Just do it. Sign up is easy and most times, takes less than 5 minutes. If your new bank/financial institution requires a minimum balance, it’s usually low enough to transfer the amount into your new account on the spot. 
  3. Get the Most Out of Your New Account
    Once this first step is taken care of, there’s no need to waste any time! One-by-one, shift over any direct deposits you have set up. That will force you to start using your new card, and that means the start of your positive impact on the world. 
    Have auto-payments on bills? Make sure to plug in your new account information. 
  4. Close Your Old Account
    Call your old polluting bank and break things off. It’s them, not you. Let them know it’s just not working out. Their obsession with weapons and the war economy. Things with the planet and peace are getting pretty serious, and you’re ready to take things to the next level with a sweeter and more sustainable bank.
  5. Don’t forget your Subscriptions 
    Think you may have lingering subscriptions and memberships you’ve forgotten about? Once you close your old accounts, they will reach out to you for updated payment information. This will not only be a great reminder to update with your new account info, but it will also give you the chance to clean house and close out subscriptions you no longer need! 
  6. REJOICE in the fruits of ethical and socially responsible banking!
    Contact [email protected] to let them know you'd divested! We want to celebrate your victory together!

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