New! Listen to Ben & Jerry's Founder talk about divesting from war with CODEPINK's Jodie Evans:

In this No War Machine Webinar, we give the ins and outs of the Divest from the War Machine Campaign, walk you through newly launched organizing resources, and provide a training on choosing targets for your campaign. After watching the webinar, here are some steps you can take to stay connected to the movement! 

1. Complete the Points of Intervention Worksheet to help you think through which targets make most sense for your group. You can send your completed worksheet to divest@codepink.org

2. Fill out the No War Machine Follow-Up Survey so we can learn more about you and your groups, and how we can best support you as we get this going!

3. Share this far and wide! Share this webinar with your communities and on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #divestfromwar! 

4. Get ready to join us for a Week of Action in January!

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