DePaul: Make the University’s Investment Portfolio Public!

DePaul students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members are calling on DePaul University’s Board of Trustees to make DePaul’s investment portfolio public. Join the call for transparency!

DePaul Board of Trustees,

We, the students, alumni, faculty, workers, and community members of DePaul University are calling on you to make the university’s investment portfolio public. In 2020, DePaul University managed an endowment of $737 million. As people directly affiliated with DePaul, we are what makes the university function. We deserve transparency in regard to where money is being invested in our name. DePaul prides itself on its Vincentian Values and dedication to justice, but the university fails to be transparent about where the endowment funds are invested as well as the ethics metrics the university uses to make investment decisions.

DePaul’s mission statement states that “the university encourages faculty, staff, and students to apply specialized expertise in ways that contribute to the societal, economic, cultural, and ethical quality of life in the metropolitan area and beyond.” Students are drawn to DePaul for its emphasis on justice, but when the university is not transparent about its investments, it makes people affiliated with the institution question the entire ethos of the university.

Students have previously called for DePaul to make the investment portfolio public in 2014. The decision to ignore these calls for transparency has only reinvigorated demands by students, staff, alumni, and community members. DePaul has an opportunity to change course, and choose to be transparent with students who not only pay tuition now, but as alumni will consider donating to the endowment. Without Students, staff, faculty, workers, and alumni DePaul University could not run. We are demanding transparency about our university's endowment and investment income.


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