March 2019: Weapons Divestment In the News Round-Up


March 8, 2019, The Progressive

Can We Divest from Weapons Dealers?

Impoverished people living in numerous countries today would stand a far better chance of survival, and risk far less trauma, if weapon manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Raytheon, stopped manufacturing and selling death-dealing products.

March 6, 2019, The Guardian

If America can find $716bn for the military, it can fund the Green New Deal

Funny how some politicians have no qualms about ballooning the deficit with tax cuts for the rich but balk at investing in the long-term health of our people and communities. Just as peculiar: the fact that military spending cuts are virtually never mentioned as an option for freeing up funds for social good instead of war.

March, 2019, Open the Books Oversight Report

How the Federal Government Spent $97 Billion in One Month

February 26, 2019, The Nation

Shrinking the Military-Industrial Complex by Putting It to Work at Home

If you needed further proof of Bernie Sanders’s argument that most Americans stand with him on the issues, consider the reaction to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. Despite attacks from the leadership in, or around, both parties, over 80 percent of voters support the litany of proposals advocated by the House resolution: job and income guarantees, universal health care, a cleaner environment, and lower socioeconomic inequality. Americans turn out, yet again, to be far less conservative than elites have maintained over the last half-century.

February 19, 2019, TIME

Americans Want a Less Aggressive Foreign Policy. It’s Time Lawmakers Listened to Them

For decades, American foreign policy has rested on a consensus view about the United States’ role in the world. In an international order where there is one unrivaled superpower, foreign policy experts agree that U.S. soldiers and taxpayer dollars are essential for preserving global stability. But that is an assumption that is not necessarily shared by the American public, based on the findings of a new study Worlds Apart: U.S. Foreign Policy and American Public Opinion, conducted by the Eurasia Group Foundation (EGF), an organization I serve as Board President.

February, 2019, CNN

Sold to an Ally, Lost to an Enemy

The U.S. shipped weapons and secrets to the Saudis and Emiratis. Now, some are in the hands of fighters linked to al Qaeda and Iran.

February 11, 2019, Nation of Change

US sues Lockheed Martin and affiliates for alleged kickbacks at nuclear cleanup site

In January 2010, without competition, MSA awarded its affiliate, Lockheed Martin Services Inc. (LMSI), a $232 million subcontract to perform that work from Jan. 1, 2010 through June 2016. The United States’ complaint alleges that the defendants knowingly made or caused false statements to the DOE regarding the amount of profit included in the billing rates for LMSI under the subcontract it was awarded by its affiliate, MSA. The complaint also alleges that the defendants’ claims for these inflated rates violated the False Claims Act.


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