Divest Rhode Island from the War Economy!

A coalition of peace activists in Rhode Island have a campaign to pass legislation in the Rhode Island state legislature which would require the State of Rhode Island to divest its state pension funds from military weapon manufacturers and contractors.

H 6026 and S 0578 make  a clear and important statement for peace. It shows that Rhode Islanders prioritize investments in the social good, and are willing to act to end support for military corporations who trouble our democracy with endless lobbying, and  produce violence, death, and destruction. Much research shows that investors, most importantly the hardworking people who contribute to RI State Pension Funds, need not forego returns or add risk, to invest their money with social outcomes in mind. In fact, RI legislators have a precedent for just such actions, divesting from civilian assault-style gun manufacturers and private for-profit prisons last year. This initiative continues that work.

Take Action:

Call and Email the House Finance Committee to support HB#6026

Call and Email the Senate Finance Committee to support S#0578

Written and Verbal Testimony in Support of the Bills:



Les Robinson speaks at the UN International Day of Peace event in Rhode Island 


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