September 26: Take Action!

September 26: Fund Healthcare, Housing, and Jobs and Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

"Nuclear weapons present an unacceptable danger to humanity. The only real way to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons is to eliminate nuclear weapons."
—UN Secretary-General António Guterres

September 26 marks the United Nations International Day to Eliminate all Nuclear Weapons. CODEPINK is joining with our friends at Massachusetts Peace Action to join the national movement to stand out for the elimination of nuclear weapons! Call on Congress to divest from war and invest in human needs. Join an event near you OR plan your own event

Sign up to host a street corner rally or a rally outside of your Congress person’s office demanding the elimination of nuclear weapons, releasing billions of federal dollars to fund life-sustaining needs for people and the planet! Following our Congressional representative's historic vote on legislation that would cut the Pentagon budget by 10% this is an important way to keep the pressure up and remind them we still need to slash the Pentagon budget and invest in life-affirming programs!

Host a Rally

Sign up here to host a street corner rally OR rally outside of your Congress Person’s District office. Once you sign up to host a rally, we'll be in touch with support and resources to make the day a success!

Join a Rally on Saturday, September 26


Chicago, IL

Washington, D.C.

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Taos, NM

Dallas, TX

Baltimore, MD @12PM

Baltimore, MD @3PM

San Pedro, CA [Location TBD]

Seattle, WA [Location TBD]

Montclair, NJ

Binghamton, NY

Sherbourne, MA

Bridgewater, MA

Greenfield, MA

Sunderland, MA

Roslindale, MA

Northhampton, MA

Cambridge, MA

Newton, MA

Bedford, MA

Worcester, MA

Needham, MA

Brookline, MA

Milwaukee, WI


Messaging for the Day

Divest From Nuclear Weapons
Invest in Peace!

Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
Fund Housing, Jobs, and Healthcare!

Healthcare NOT Warfare

NO Nukes
YES Healthcare

Printable Resources

(right-click to download these 11x17 inch posters)

On the day of, bring signs or banners and arrive 15 minutes early so that other participants can join in with you. If you’ll be protesting outside of a Congressional office, make sure you check here to see how they voted on historic legislation to cut the Pentagon budget by 10% and hold them accountable if they voted no!




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